Ali x ETON SS16 Summer Collection Photoshoot
Ali Boulala x CHPO Eyewear
Ali Boulala x Sweet SKTBS 2019 Collection
Boulala Lyon Stairs

With his unique rock star style and infectious charisma, Ali Boulala turned the skating world upside down! Boulala became famous for his original punk rock style and unusual approach to skateboarding. Fearlessly he tackled the most unprecedented tricks and made a highly recognizable name for himself in the Professional Skateboarding scene.

He is known notoriously for his gutsy attempt at ollieing a 25 stair in Lyon, France. This famous stunt was featured in Flip Skateboard’s 2002 video called “Sorry” and has gone down as one of Skateboarding’s most memorable moments.

Boulala has always challenged the aesthetics for the stereotypical skater, introducing his own Sid Vicious inspire look wearing leather jackets, hats and skintight jeans. Very much challenging the common baggy jeans wearing skaters!

Swedish born Boulala is considered one of the most respected skateboarders of all time and his mark on the art of skating is hard to miss.

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